"The beatings will continue until morale improves." - attributed to the Commander of the Japanese Submarine Force

The Welsh

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Starting Roster


The Great Hall was noisy with the sounds of feasting. Boisterous men ate greedily, as dogs snapped at discarded scraps and servants fought past them bringing more food and drink to the tables. Yet, seated on his throne, Caradog, King of the Welsh, the son of Llewellyn, had hardly touched his meat. His gaze was fixed on the War Banner hanging idly on the wall, his thoughts far away, remembering battles fought years before. Happier times, perhaps, certainly more interesting; although he hadn't achieved as much as he had hoped from those wars. Yes, he'd made a name for himself. He was recognised throughout the lands as a great and noble Warlord - an Aetheling, even, with the right to rule. But his was still a small country, and he wasn't getting any younger. Now, it seemed, the time was right to create a legacy. To conquer the lands that his people deserved, and for him to rise above other Kings to rule them all.

Yes, he thought, his appetite suddenly returning, he would lead his people once more. He'd give them all the news later, when the Skalds began to tell their tales, and with God on his side, the Welsh would go to war again.

Roster after raiding Strathclyde, Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 1

The Welsh choose to raid the Norse Gaels in Strathclyde.

The Raid on Strathclyde

Towards the end of the year, before the first cold days of Winter, in the last days of the campaigning season, Caradog led his Warband across the Firth to the lands of the Norse Gaels. In Strathclyde, where the sea and land meet, there are fertile fields grazed by many cattle. The Welsh raiders landed on the coast and struck north, where they found fields rich in livestock. They attacked swiftly, driving as many of the cattle as they could back to their ships, fighting off light opposition and escaping before the main Norse Gael force, led by Lief himself, could arrive. As quickly as they had appeared, they were gone, returning to Wales with their plunder.

The Welsh successfully raid the Norse Gaels in Strathclyde, winning Cattle Raid. They gain +1 CVP and two points of Wealth, one of which they spend on extra recruitment.

At the end of the Campaign Season the Welsh roll Upgrade Levy on the Fate table. They choose to decline this option.

Starting roster, Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 2

Caradog was pleased. The raids of the previous season had gone well, and he was keen to build on that success in the year to follow. For a moment he had toyed with the thought of raiding Ireland, after he had sent their simpering emissaries back to that land. The Welsh needed no alliances at this time. But raiding them for slighting his pride would have been petty. His ambition was greater than that, for this year he would travel further afield. News had arrived of the wealth of the Jarl of Norway, and Caradog would send his fleet to that land to raid this time.

The Welsh choose to raid the Norse Vikings at Firthir.

Roster after raiding Firthir, Campaign Season 2

Raiding the Norwegian Vikings

The Welsh had sailed their fleet for many days to surprise the Vikings in the earliest days of the Campaign Season. They had rounded the coast of Wales, Strathclyde and Scotland, and crossed the open sea, to reach the bountiful shore of Firthir. Their dragon headed ships, decorated with images of mythical beasts, fighting warriors, and leeks put ashore near a small hamlet, as warriors grasped their weapons and set up the beach towards the houses and fields, to plunder and pillage.

The surprised Vikings did all they could to resist, but the Welsh raid was strong and swift, and they escaped with their plunder before they could be held back.

The Welsh raiders win Harry and Burn against the Norwegian Vikings. They gain +2 points of Wealth and +1 CVP. During the reinforcement phase they choose to spend 1 point of wealth to replace their battle losses and add a further four Warriors to their roster.

Roster at the end of Campaign Season 2

At the end of the Campaign Season the Welsh roll on the Fate Table and get Flood & Famine. Their Land score is decreased by one point for the following Campaign Season.

Starting roster, Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 3

Desiring land, the Welsh plan to follow up their successful raid and invade the Norse-Gaels in Strathclyde.

Roster after the invasion of Strathclyde, Campaign Season 3

The Invasion of Strathclyde

After landing on the bleak coast of the land of the Norse Gaels the Welsh made their way inland, steadily uphill, finding their way through the craggy uplands of Strathclyde. As they progressed they realised there was only one way through these mountains, and they were not surprised to find an enemy warband blocking their path at a narrow pass in the distance. They had no choice but to attack.

The Welsh advanced into the pass, taunting their foe, who were reluctant to advance beyond their defensive positions. The enemy could not take the insults without reacting, and their hearthguard, Dane-axe armed warriors and javelinmen were drawn inevitably into the killing ground.

Supported by the relentless shooting of their levy archers, the Welsh fought off the enemy. The Norse Gael warriors approached the archers, engaging them and cutting them down, forcing Caradog himself to charge into the fray to see them off. And as the enemy fell back, Caradog led his men through the pass and on to claim this land for his own.

The Welsh win Hold the Pass against the Norse Gaels. They gain +1 Campaign Victory Point and +1 point of Land as Caradog gains control of the province of Strathclyde. The Welsh lost 2 levy and chose to recruit twice on the random table at a cost of 1 point of Wealth. They recruited one warrior with the first roll and seven with the second, for a total of eight, six of which were retained on their roster.