"The worse the troops the greater the need of artillery." - Napoleon

The Anglo-Saxons

Starting roster, Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 4

Once more in need of gold, Aethelflaed again uses her Learn'd trait to raise funds at the beginning of the year.

The Anglo-Saxons choose to invade Anglo-Danish lands, crossing the border into Danish Mercia.

Roster after invading Danish Mercia

The Conquest of Danish Mercia

Aethelflaed led her army north, invading Danish Mercia, where her force was met by a determined Anglo-Danish warband led by Alfred Steptoe. Aethelflaed used her wisdom to find the weakest point she could in the enemy lines, and made her attack at an old watchtower on the border. These old foes fought together once more, and Alfred fell in the ensuing melee. This time Aethelflaed prevailed.

The scenario chosen by Aetheflaed using Learn'd was The Watchtower and the battle was fought with 5 point warbands. The winning Anglo-Saxons gain +1 CVP and one point of Land, as well as control of the province of Danish Mercia. The Anglo-Saxons lost one HG, five warriors and three levy with spears. They recruited six warriors and three levy using two random recruitments.

Roster after defending against Viking raiders

Seeing off the Icelanders

Hearing of raiders that had crossed the great eastern sea, the Anglo-Saxons moved swiftly southward into English Mercia to make a defensive stand. Vikings from far-away Iceland had landed on the coast nearby and were moving rapidly inland, in search of gold and men to take away as slaves. The Saxon peasantry, who had learned of this, were making their way as fast as possible to the safety of a great church less than a mile away. Aethelflaed, keen to keep her people safe, advanced her force to a position where it could protect their path, where they met the enemy. The Vikings, despite their exhaustion after the long sea journey and their force being below full strength, put up a strong opening attack, but were unable to move fast enough to capture peasants and ultimately were overwhelmend by the stronger Anglo-Saxon defence. Bjorn, the enemy Warlord, was brutally cut down by Anglo-Saxon blades, as his Warband dispersed. And with this great victory Aethelflaed's force prevailed and the people were led to safety.

The Anglo-Saxons succeeded in seeing off the raiding Icelanders in the scenario Sanctuary. They gain +1 CVP and +1 point of Reputation. They lost 4 Warriors and 1 Levy spearmen, and recruited 10 warriors.

Roster after the Norman invasion

The Normans Invade

The omens were bad, and as the Season drew to a close, Aethelflaed was not surprised when news arrived of a Norman invasion fleet that had landed on the East Wessex coast. Determined to drive the Invader back to the sea, her shieldwall attempted to block Jean le Tard's force as they began to move inland. The battle was hard fought, but against all expectations the Anglo-Saxons found themselves enveloped by the Normans. Aethelflaed ordered the retreat, and thus the province was lost.

The Anglo-Saxons lose control of the province of East Wessex, but do not lose a point of Land as they still control three of their home provinces. Aethelflaed lost 2 Levy spearmen and 4 warriors. Using the random recruitment the Anglo-Saxons gained 7 warriors.

Roster after suppressing the revolt

Many of the people were not pleased with the situation, after the Anglo-Saxons were forced to concede land to the Norman invader. Certain among them chose this time to revolt. Aethelflaed was quick to take control, and the ring leaders were identified and taken away.

With a fate roll of Revolt!, Aethelflaed executes three Levy and combines two units together.

Roster after selling Danish Mercia

Finally, at the end of the Season, Aethelflaed sells the captured province of Danish Mercia to the Normans, gaining +2 points of Wealth.

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