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The Normans

Starting Roster, Campaign Season 5

Campaign Season 5

With the start of the new Season, the effects of the Famine & Flood during Campaign Season 4 are at an end and the Norman Land score increases by one point.

The Normans seek to extend their mainland territory and invade East Anglia.

Roster after the attempted invasion of East Anglia

The invasion of East Anglia

Seeking to enlarge their territory further, Jean le Tard's Normans invaded Anglo-Danish East Anglia, attempting to Take the High Ground. A mighty battle was fought, and Jean fell, severely wounded, in the fray. As a result, the invasion faltered and the Normans were held back by the defenders.

Jean was severely wounded and permanently reduces his Aggression from 8 to 6. The Normans lost two mounted warriors and two Hearthguard, and recruited 2 Hearthguard.

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