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The Scots

Scots Lands:

  • North Caledonia
  • Dalraida
  • South Caledonia (Dunblane)
  • Scots Northumbria
  • Bulandsness
  • Hrafnkelsstead

Tavish McTavish


Campaign Season 1

Campaign Season 2

Campaign Season 3

Campaign Season 4

Campaign Season 5

The Scots conquered the Icelandic province of Bulandsness during Campaign Season 4 and the Icelandic province of Hrafnkelsstead in Campaign Season 5.

Tavish ended the Campaign as an Aetheling with a very impressive 7 CVP. He was able to claim +2 BVP for his Skald's Song motivation and +1 BVP for having the highest Reputation score. With a total of 10 CVP Tavish won the Campaign and was duly proclaimed King of All the Lands.