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The Welsh

Starting roster, Campaign Season 5

Campaign Season 5

Caradog chooses to invade the Norwegian province of Firthir.

Roster after the invasion of Firthir

The Welsh Invade Firthir

Caradog's boyos invaded Firthir defended by the Norwegian Vikings, led by their new Warlord, Vikar Fastulfsson. The scenario was The Watchtower, and Caradog declared a seven point game. The fight was close and bloody with Caradog forced to use his prized mounted Hearthguard in a spoiling attack toward the end of the battle, securing the Welsh victory and winning command of these new lands.

The Welsh gain +1 point of Land and +1 CVP. They lost 1 mounted Hearthguard, 1 foot Hearthguard and 4 Warriors, and recruited 9 Levy.

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